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Packed with High-Tech Features

Primacy 2

From the simplest to the most secure cards, Primacy 2 can do it all. High print speed and a high capacity feeder and hopper make the Primacy 2 ideal for medium to large volume printing. 

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Create, Secure and Protect your ID cards

The new Primacy 2 includes these features:


Edge-to-edge Re-writable Cards

Print single or double-sided re-writable ID cards edge-to-edge via colour sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer.

High Security and Card Durability

Multiple encoding options, see below. Optional UV effect and double-layer overlay for double protection. Optional data deletion software and mechanical lock & key to lock the Primacy 2.


Premium Personalisation Software

Evolis Premium Suite and CardPresso card personalisation software included. Easy to operate LED panel built-in. Optional LCD screen with QR code display. 

High-Performance Printing

Print up to 280 single-sided colour cards per hour. Optional upgrade for card feeder from 100 to 200 cards.

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Multiple Encoding Options and High Resolution Printing

Multiple encoding options to choose from;

magnetic stripes, contact or contactless chips, holograms, protective laminates, UV effect. 

High resolution printing mode and colour profile capabilities produce high-quality finishes close to actual colours.

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 Warranty and Servicing

Each Primacy 2 comes with a 3 year warranty including free servicing and technical support. For more information about our Service Plans click here.

Lamination module

Enquire for even more secure and durable cards with the Lamination module for varnish, patch and generic or custom holograms.

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