CoLibrì Book Covering

Protective book covering with wipe-clean anti-bacterial covers designed for schools, bookshops, and libraries.

Protect and Organise your School Books

Why choose CoLibrì Book Covering Systems?

School Book Covering System

Our CoLibrì Book Covering Machine will allow you to cover any size of school book within 20 seconds, from your own premises. It is the world's first instant book covering system, an ideal solution for schools, libraries, and bookshops.

CoLibrì Book Covering Machines

Consider protecting your school books from wear and tear with durable, transparent, anti-bacterial covers to make them last longer with our CoLibrì Covering Machines. 

CoLibrì Anti-bacterial Eco-friendly Book Covers

Our new Eco-Covers are the world's first Eco-Certified Polyethylene covers (PVC FREE) with Anti-Bacterial properties. Protect your school books from bacteria and viruses with these 100% recyclable, easy-to-clean school book covers, compatible with our CoLibrì Book Covering Machines. 

Organise your School Books and Stationary

Discover CoLibrì Bluetooth Label Printers

School Labelling System

Our CoLibrì Labelling machine can make organising school books, textbooks and stationary quick and easy with removable, customisable labels. By applying your student's details to items you can help prevent bacteria from spreading from student to student. Simply design your custom label in the app, and send it to the Bluetooth label printer to print your own school labels.

CoLibrì Labelling Machines

Need to organise your school books or stationary with personalised labels? Our CoLibrì Labelling Machine can print customised adhesive labels, sold separately and available in our packages. 

CoLibrì Support


Check out our CoLibrì Service Support page here, where you'll find information about how to perform routine maintenance with the help of our CoLibrì video tutorials. 

Repair Service

Service support is available to repair CoLibrì E-Leonardo and E-Davinci machines, contact us for more information. We service machines bought from DBC Group and from external retailers. If the machine is covered by its warranty period, our service team would repair your goods in-house and free of charge. After the warranty period ends, service and repairs are available for customers with a Service and Repair Plan

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