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These durable and easy to clean cards are also highly customisable. See this video for more information.

Ideal price tag solution for retail displays

Branded, durable and hygienic PVC cards

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Mirror your brand's personality

Apply fonts and graphic components that reflect your brand's personality and image. See below for coloured card and ink options that would match your custom price tags to the appearance of your store. 

Display allergen information

These labels make it easy for your customers to instantly recognize the dishes you have prepared. As well as obtain the ingredient and allergen information on each selection. Making it easier for them make the right selection.

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Wipe-clean, food hygiene compliant cards

The wipe clean PVC surface makes cleaning easy, helping to ensure your labels are hygienic and comply with food safety regulations. We sell ISEGA Food-Safety certified cards.

Unlike paper or plastic display labels, it will withstand heat and be more durable against the wear and tear of cleaning. Providing a cost-efficient solution for your business.

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at Corrigan's Butchers

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Print double-sided

Choose a package containing a double-sided product label printing machine to produce price tags that display product information on the back of the card for staff members to access whilst on display. Perfect for deli price tags!


Multiple card sizes and colours

There are many different card sizes and colours, and ink colours to choose from, depending on the food label printer you choose. These are some of the most popular options.

  • White on black card
  • Red or green on white card
  • Black on silver card

More details can be found in our blog articles.

Complete range of Display Accessories

Browse the complete range of display card accessories and supplies available including:

• Display holders

• Coloured Cards

• Coloured Ribbons (Ink)

• Wine bottle neck attachments


See our New Wine Accessory

Discretely display price tags without hiding the bottle with this wine bottle neck display holder. Watch for more information.

All-in-one Packages

Each package includes the PVC Plastic Card Printer, Software, and Cards all in one package. Please contact us to discuss your needs by filling out the form below.

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Choose from the following printers: The Access, The Flex and The Duplex.

Flex package

The Flex Printer

Print single-sided edge-to-edge onto:

Credit card size, Paper cards

Miniature cards & Long cards

(Paper cards are perfect for loyalty card stamps)

Compatible with all ribbon colours (ink).

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The Access Printer

Print single-sided near-to-edge onto:

Credit card size & Miniature cards

Compatible with white and black ribbon colours (ink) only.

Duplex Printer Price Tag

The Duplex Printer

Print dual-sided edge-to-edge onto:

Credit card size, Paper cards

& Miniature cards

Compatible with all ribbon colours (ink).

Automatic dual-sided printing flip function.

(Extended warranty period of 3 years compared to 2 years included with Access & Flex models.)

Card Design Software

Choose from the following software's: Price Tag, and Guest.

Price Tag Software

Guest Software


Print Price Tags only.

Print Buffet Labels, VIP cards, Room key cards, and much more.

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All-in-one Solutions


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